Why Do Men’s Standards of Beauty Not Shift Like Women’s?

Yesterday, during my educational peregrinations, I was reminded of a word I haven’t had occasion to use in recent years: “Rubenesque.” Rubenesque is an adjective that can be applied to bodies similar to those that the Dutch painter Peter Paul Rubens put on canvas. Below, check out the closet thing to pornography I’m ever likely […]

Tonight in Dietland…

As I was driving home from a race this morning, licking my wounds after being beaten by one-tenth of a second by a guy in a hand-bike, I happened to hear an interview with Sarai Walker supporting her novel, Dietland. There aren’t a lot of novels that focus on militant fat people, but apparently Walker’s is just […]

Keep Your Eyes Where They Belong

Twice on Wednesday, I was told, “You’re looking really great” by two widely separated women. One of them has been a friend for many years. The is someone from my church whose husband I know much better. In neither case did I think they were suggesting anything beyond a simple and sincere compliment, but these […]

Do I Really Want to Be Shredded?

I recently ran across an article in Men’s Fitness that promised to show me ways to “Stay Shredded All Season Long.” While the article, which was cobbled together as answers to single questions asked of five different fitness experts–leftovers from five different interviews perhaps?–seemed to have some useful advice, I had to question the overall premise. Do […]

But Don’t Love That Body Too Much

About two weeks ago, I mentioned a post by Paul Maxwell in which he questioned male body image problems. Maxwell suggested that we’re trying to impress five different people/groups/entities for five different wrong-headed reasons. Here are his five headings: To our selves, we want to be confident. To the opposite sex, we want to be […]

Love That Body

It’s not exactly the most spiritually uplifting work on earth, but the musical Hairspray does get me going.  In the middle, the main characters, Tracy and Link, share a duet, “Without Love.” In his verse, Link shares these timeless thoughts: Once I was a selfish fool Who never understood Never looked inside myself Though on the outside, […]