My Rebuilder of Broken Things

Acts 15:36-40

Be an encourager by rebuilding relationships.

I’ve written children’s curriculum for LifeWay for something like fifteen years now, but that’s not entirely true. I’ve written steadily for them for fifteen years, but there was a hiatus of a few years on bible study materials.

For some reason, my first editor and I didn’t see eye to eye. Was it his lack of vision or my lack of skill? Probably it was a combination of those, but after two years, he cut me loose, which would have been the end of the story, except for my Barnabas.

Cheryl was editing Bible Express, a devotional magazine for kids, back then. She gave me assignments almost every month, eventually telling me that she was trying to let me build up my credibility. After a couple of years, a new bible study editor came on and she persuaded him to give me a try. I’ve written constantly for them now for–honestly I don’t know how long. I’ve moved from rookie to old man of the team.

Now Cheryl is editing that material, and she keeps me busy, which I guess means that I’m pretty good at the job. You have to know that I will always be loyal to her, helping in whatever way I can. After that restoration, I’ve been able to write for other products and otherwise use the gift that God gave me.

Thank you, Cheryl–friend, sister in Christ, encourager, rebuilder of relationships.

  • Who has helped you to rebuild relationships in the past? What has that opened up in your life?
  • For what relationships have you served as a Barnabas? Are there some that you should?
  • Give thanks for Jesus rebuilding your relationship with God. Ask God for opportunities to do similar work.