Hoops Generosity

Acts 4:36-37

Be an encourager by being generous.

It was just a couple of days past that I returned home from children’s camp, so my mind is still caught up in a swirl of songs, messy games, and chaotic mealtimes. This morning, though, as I think about this idea of generosity, something completely different pops into my head: basketball.

I think it was Wednesday afternoon during “hang time” (aka free time) that I went looking for the boys charged to me. Somebody suggested that they had headed to the gym. When I arrived, that’s where we found most of them, playing a game or shooting individually.

“Hey Mr. Mark,” some kid yelled. “You want to play us? Adults versus kids!”

Did I want to play? I’m not much of a basketball player when I’m in shape and I’m certainly not in shape right now. Did I want to play? I wanted to get some rack time, plus I had writing that was overdue. Did I want to play? In a word, no!

But I stepped in and I played–badly–for about twenty minutes. For twenty minutes I shared that court with Antonio and Cliff and Josiah and Alex and a shifting cast of others. And having given that time, I feel richer for it. I could see a difference in those kids also.

A person does not have to give at the level that gets your name on a building at a university in order to be encouraging. We just need to keep an open hand.

  • In what ways do you find it difficult to be generous? In what ways is it easy?
  • Have you ever been encouraged by the generosity of another? Reflect on it for a moment.
  • Pray that God will give you opportunities to encourage through a generous spirit and make you aware of them as they come.