When the Best Tool is a He or She

Mark 2:3-5

Work with others to connect people to Christ.

During the years that I lived in the hinterlands, I accumulated a pretty good array of tools, some of which I kept when I moved back to town and some of which I sold. There is a twenty-foot extension ladder that makes me really tall. There’s a chainsaw that makes me a wood-cutting animal. There’s a half-inch drive socket set (with a breaker bar) that lets me grab hold of just about any nut or bolt and give it a powerful turn.

My personal favorite, and one that did not make the move to the ‘burbs, was a forty-year-old Kubota tractor. That single piece of equipment allowed me to mow pretty much anything less than an inch in diameter. It made me really strong, able to lift and carry all manner of heavy stuff. I liked that tractor.

Sometimes, however, the best tool for a job, the essential tool that cannot be replaced, is another person. As powerful as that tractor was, I never did figure out how to use it to pull a car out of a ditch while also steering the car. I certainly couldn’t use it to do tasks I didn’t know how to do.

Look at the story of the friends in Mark 2. In the verses listed above, the word “they” appears five times. When we throw in “their” and the mention of “four men,” we see that this group effort was definitely recognized.

Within the church and beyond its boundaries, we need to work together in order to help others connect with Christ. In that way, we can be a tool in God’s hand.

  • Are you a naturally introverted or extroverted person? How does that show up in your missions efforts?
  • When was the last time that you worked with one or more others to help someone create or strengthen their connection to Jesus? How did that cooperative effort help?
  • Pray that God will show you the fruitful teamwork that He has in mind for you.