Give it Away

Acts 2:44-45

Commit yourself to Giving.

Can I brag on my wife for a minute? A few months ago, Penny took on a part-time job at the church. Yes, it might be your tithe dollars that are funding her paycheck. Every two weeks, she receives a check. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, she is not squirreling it away to buy me a 1965 Corvette.

Actually, I know what she’s doing with the money. We discussed it and agreed. Every two weeks, she deducts the cost of a tank of gas and the tithe amount for her check. The rest of the money she takes from the ATM.

Does she buy shoes? No. Clothes? No. Spa treatments? Not that either.

What Penny does with the bulk of her pay is to give it away. She already tithed on it, but she gives most of the remainder away. If somebody needs a car repair, she’ll pay for it. If a family in her class has a money crunch, she’ll discreetly pass them some cash. She’s so discreet that most of the time even I don’t know what she’s done with the money.

What’s wrong with this woman that she doesn’t want to buy shoes or knickknacks for the house? She seems to have discovered that by giving, she gains. It’s a weird truth, but it is a truth.

When we commit ourselves, like those early Christians, to giving, we wind up richer in the now and in eternity.

  • Have you experienced the blessing of giving? What is the most recent time you did that?
  • Would you agree that when you are generous, God is faithful to provide what you need? Have you ever seen the opposite be true?
  • Ask God to open your eyes to the sort of generosity He would determine for you.