Failure to Launch

Matthew 25:24-26

The case of the failure servant

Yesterday we looked at the All-Star, but now our attention shifts to the other end of the story’s spectrum. The third servant received a single talent and promptly buried it.

What’s noteworthy to me about this character is that he gets cast into the outer darkness, presumably on a permanent basis, not for something awful he did. This guy didn’t murder anybody or rob orphans or knock little old ladies over in the street. He didn’t really break any of the ten commandments, did he? I’m not even sure he put another god before the true one.

What Mr. Failure did was take two hundred pounds of silver (a talent in Israel) from his master and do nothing with it. He didn’t go out and spend his silver on candy. He didn’t go into the drug trade with that money. He didn’t use it to sacrifice to Baal. He didn’t even lose it. Instead, he just took care of it and then brought it back to the master.

God’s not interested in those who do nothing. He doesn’t see the failure to do wrong to be a positive thing. It’s not even a neutral thing.

  • In what ways are you guilty of taking what God has given you and failing to use it?
  • Can you help any of the talent-hiders you know to open themselves to God’s direction.
  • Pray that God will help you to identify the talents God has given you that you have hidden.