Playing the All-Star Game

Matthew 25:20-21

The case of the all-star servant

The Parable of the Talents has always fascinated me. Part of that fascination lies in my curiosity over who the parable is designed to reach. Let’s assume for a moment that Jesus wanted to speak with those who were like the first servant.

This guy, upon his master’s departure, received five talents. He wheeled and dealed, perhaps bought a sno-cone franchise, and parlayed those five talents into ten. The first servant was rewarded by his master’s appreciation and admiration. But he also received something else. The first servant, the all-star, received the one talent of the foolish third servant. What a deal.

What can we say about this all-star. Not everybody can take the largesse of a venture capitalist and double the investment in fairly short order. Sure, it happens, but much more often it fails to happen. The reality is that as many as 80% of new small businesses fail in the first few years.

The all-star beat the odds and was rewarded. He had the knack. He had, it seems, everything! Don’t you hate people like that?

The risk for the all-star is that he starts to believe his own press. That wasn’t the point Jesus was aiming to make, but it’s true. When we have everything, we can fail to appreciate the difficulties of those who don’t.

  • In what ways can you identify with the all-star servant?  Do you ever find it difficult to remain humble?
  • How do you feel about the all-stars that you encounter? Do you appreciate them? Resent them? Some of both?
  • Pray that God will help you to identify and use the abilities present within you that can move you toward being an all-star.