For the Love of Lasagna!

Psalm 63:3,5

Love never fails.

It was about four years ago that I got control of my food intake and started running. I lost about a fourth of my body weight and started feeling really great. Then the wheels came off. First, they just started wobbling on the axles and then they rolled off into the ditch. Today, I’m aggravated with myself for losing so much ground. I’m so aggravated that I think I’ll go to the kitchen and see what sort of pie or cake or lasagna might be lurking in the fridge.

In my head, I know that the love of God will satisfy me far more than Lamar’s doughnuts or Bunny Tracks ice cream ever will. In my head I know that, but for some reason I allow my stomach to overrule my head. I think on the sufficiency of God’s presence and then I cram a Chipotle burrito into my mouth.

Love, Paul tells us, never fails. He goes on to say that prophecy and tongues will pass away, but he might have added that pizzas and brownies will also pass away. Lexuses and Cadillacs will pass away. All of the things that I hold dear will pass away, but I still find myself chasing after them.

  • When my taste buds are shot and my doctor tells me to eat nothing but celery, God’s unfailing love will still be there to fuel my existence. If I only I could keep that at the forefront of my mind.
  • What “richest food” do you allow to come before the unfailing love of God in your weakness?
  • How can you transfer the truly unfailing love expressed by God into nearly unfailing human love that you express?
  • Pray that God will open your mind and heart to the true richness of His love so that you can put it before all other desires.