Not Working Solo

Genesis 2:18

We’re not made to be alone.

Back in my college years, I worked at a One-Hour Photo store. One of my co-workers, Tammy, could be described like this: Everybody found her wonderful so long as she never had to be around anyone. If you read that sentence carefully, you’ll see that she didn’t bother other people so much with her presence as other people bothered her with theirs.

Customers almost always annoyed Tammy. She didn’t so much mind the regulars who came in and gave us a couple of rolls of film to process. It was the others, the people who had three Christmases on one disposable camera or who wondered why we didn’t think they should blow up to poster size their underexposed shots on the smallest size film available. Those people made Tammy nuts.

I’ll admit that when I started at the store, I made Tammy nuts, but we eventually became friends, provided I didn’t ask too many questions.

One day, I suggested that her dream job would be working in a basement lab under one of those old parking lot photo booths. People would drop their film into a chute, and she’d never have to talk to them. She smiled. It sounded good.

But really, Tammy wasn’t that much of a recluse. Very few people really want constant solitude. Those who say they want it will wind up talking to a volleyball if they get it. God made us to have relationships. We will have relationships. The only question is how healthy those relationships will be.

  • Take an inventory of the relationships in your life. Which ones are healthy? Which ones need some fixing up?
  • Are the problem relationships in your life the result of choosing the wrong person with whom to relate or relating in the wrong manner?
  • Pick an important relationship in your life that you can pray over each day for the next week. Then actually do it!