Not in Part, But the Whole

Exodus 6:6-7

Jesus came to give us freedom from sin–permanently.

Toward the end of last month, I renewed my Costco membership. Now, when I need enormous bales of toilet paper or a package holding three dozen eggs, I can walk through the door of that store, smugly hold up my card, and stroll on into the land of endless excess. My only complaint with having that Costco membership is that I have to pay for it each year. Next March, once again, I’ll be reminded that renewal is once again due. And next year the price will be a few dollars higher.

It’s marvelous that Jesus came to forgive us of our sins, but the real marvel of it is that He didn’t just forgive the sins I had committed when I first trusted Him. Instead, He forgave the continued stream of sins that has followed in my wake over the years. He forgave the sins from today, and He’s already forgiven the ones for tomorrow.

As I reflect on that, I’m reminded of the lines from “It Is Well with My Soul”:

My sin–Oh the bliss of this glorious thought!–My sin, not in part but the whole.

That first Passover cup, the cup of sanctification, would be amazing if it just cleared the ledger up until the time of salvation, but it makes the ledger incapable of ever recording another negative item. That’s pretty incredible.

Sure, Costco might have Jelly Bellies in huge containers for a low price, but until they offer things for free and forever, they’re not even in the ballpark of this Savior of ours.

  • How often do you take stock of the sins in your life? How regularly do you sincerely thank Jesus for His forgiveness?
  • Does your awareness of sin’s price on Jesus cause you to live differently? How?
  • What habitual sin would God want you to work on eliminating from your life this week?