The Progress

John 6:63

Tap the power of the words.

Have you ever read the first novel written in the English language? That would be John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress. Published in 1678, Bunyan’s book isn’t exactly a John Grisham thriller, but it has a great deal more depth and staying power.

The great English preacher Charles Spurgeon once said of John Bunyan, “Cut him and he bleeds scripture.” Read Pilgrim’s Progress and you’ll see why. Bunyan peppers his description and dialogue into the text in a way that makes it clear he knew the Bible as well as he knew his own face. Perhaps better.

In the scripture quoted above, Jesus says that his words are spirit and life. What does that exactly mean? What does it mean at the beginning of John’s gospel when Jesus is introduced as “the Word.” The Word was with God in the beginning and was God. And yet God speaks words. It’s all very confusing.

Let’s be clear that there are no “magic words.” We can neither “name it and claim it” as the Word of Faith proponents would suggest nor utter incantations that put the powers of the universe at our beck and call. And in fact, those two things are really one–just described differently.

There are no magic words, but there are powerful words. And words are a powerful medium by which humans are differentiated from other animals. We cannot outmaneuver God by the use of words, but we can maneuver ourselves closer to Him with them.

Where could we be better positioned?

  • Do you tend to focus on your problems or on God’s promises?
  • How much time do you spend in the Bible and in prayer? Is it the sort of quality time it should be?
  • Pray this week that God will use His words and yourself to align you more closely to Him.