The Net Effects of Gross Tithing

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Proverbs 10:16

The wise give back to God.

For years, I have tithed on my paycheck, the actual net amount that popped into our checking account twice a month. It was simple, and I rationalized it to myself somehow. After all, if I never get to touch it, then why should I have to tithe on it? Right?

Something Brandon said in a sermon last fall convicted me of my folly. Maybe it’s what he said Sunday on the question of a gross or net tithe: “Which one do you want God to bless?”

Penny and I resolved to tithe on our gross earnings. We also determined to become very deliberate about including every little extra bit of cash that passes through our hands. Since we made our “Multiply” pledges last fall, I’ve been keeping track of my gifts and finding it exciting to see the amount rise.

I’d love to say that a long-lost uncle bequeathed thousands of dollars to me the day after we made that decision. It hasn’t happened. We haven’t even had spectacularly easy sailing. As I write this, I’m a bit annoyed at how low the checking account is.

But we have not suffered. We have been blessed, and we’ve been able to translate that blessing to others. Just last week, Penny took $100 she’d earned and dropped it off at First Baptist-Oak Grove for help with the tornado relief. And we’re not missing it.

I’m excited to see what God does through our small act of obedience.

  • Do you trust God sufficiently to tithe and give sacrificially?
  • What obstacles prevent you from being a bolder giver?
  • Can you pray this week that God will help you to recognize the way around those obstacles?