Raising the Water Level

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Proverbs 19:15

Understand your inner sluggard.

When we lived in the hinterlands, our house sat on top of a tall ridge, far from any water towers. The local water authority smiled when I asked them to run water to us. We could get a water meter, they assured me, but there would be no usable pressure for us.

For years, then, I trucked our water in, 425 gallons at a time, from a coin-operated location north of Oak Grove. Let’s just say that this experience has made me hyper-aware of wasted water.

Through those years, I noted that some people (or more accurately, just me) put more water in the cistern than they took out. Others were net consumers. I didn’t begrudge them this use, but I asked them to be aware of how much they took from our home and how much they added.

Sluggards come in a variety of shapes. Some of them sleep a great deal. Others watch Netflix or play video games. Some clever ones do a job so poorly that you don’t want them to do it. Some sluggards make a great show of useful activity but in the end produce nothing.

Although Proverbs focuses on the sleeping sluggard, laziness obviously involves anyone who avoids useful, helpful, contributing work, no matter whether the person is awake or asleep.

While I’m not a sleeping sluggard, I will confess my lack of industriousness at various times. Bought with a price, I really have no excuse for being unproductive.

  • What manner of sluggard are you? Can you honestly say that laziness does not have a foothold in your life?
  • If God could get better use of your time, what would He have you do?
  • Do you regularly pray that God will convict you of the unproductive time that you  waste, whether asleep or awake?