Advice for Those Lost in the Woods

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James 4:8

Tend to your relationship with God

Have you ever been searching for someone lost in the trackless wilderness–or even lost in the trackless shopping mall? Maybe you’ve tried to find someone somewhere in our church building. Even in that relatively restricted area, such a search can be an ordeal. But what can turn the ordeal into absolute torture is if the object of the search won’t stand still. You could search all day for a person who is on the move and stay unlucky enough not to ever run across them.

If you were the lost person, you’d think it wise to go off in search of the people searching for you, right? But that logic doesn’t work. Should you ever be in a situation of being lost in the trackless wilderness, you’ll probably gain the thanks of the search party if you stay put.

On the other hand, according to James, if you find yourself separated from God, this advice doesn’t hold. Instead, James tells us to move toward God. If we move toward God, God will move toward us.

Why the difference? For one thing, if you’re lost in the woods, you won’t know where the search party is, but God will be right where you left Him. Also, unlike the search party, God will always know right where you are.

Take that step toward him, whenever you recognize your separation, and He will not fail to move your way.

  • What parts of your relationship with God need repair?
  • What actions can you take today to move in the direction of God?
  • Read Psalm 40. What does David have to teach us about moving toward God?