The Incredible Hack

easyNerd Fitness takes a turn at life hacks in a recent article. I recently expressed my contempt for the shortcut mentality of life hacks, but I have no problem with things that actually make sense. In the article linked here, the ultimate nerd, Steve Kamb, offers some really common-sense, cut-the-garbage advice on happiness and related matters. For example, consider what he says about money and time:

What’s more important than money? Time. Time to spend time with people you love or doing things you love. You can never get it back.

At times we all need a smack up side the head with the obvious advice. Jesus did this sort of thing. Do you think Jesus was completely kind and gentle when He predicted that Peter would disown Him three times on the night of His arrest? I’m pretty sure that Jesus had a full range of tones in His voice, including one that was straight-forward and challenging.

I’m not comparing Steve Kamb with Jesus here, but they both seem capable of using that tool of directness.