The New Humbug of Oz?

duckWhat’s wrong with Dr. Oz? According to a growing list of prominent doctors, Oz, at least as he performs on his TV show, is more quack than doctor. The attackers, led by Stanford’s Dr. Henry Miller, are currently asking Columbia Medical School to remove Oz from the faculty.

“I think I know the motivation at Columbia,” he continued. “They’re star-struck, and like having on their faculty the best-known doctor in the country. But the fact is that his advice endangers patients, and this doesn’t seem to faze them. Whether they’re hoping Oprah will come and endow a center for homeopathic medicine, I don’t know.”

The apostles of science are always quick to criticize Christians who make claims that they have no basis to make. I’ve heard of at least one Christian writer who believes that demons are transmitted in body fluids during sex. That’s neither science nor theology.

It’s good to see the scientific establishment holding their own people up to high standards. Dr. Oz is, I suppose, free to tout the latest “miracle cure,” but he shouldn’t be able to do that and retain his credibility as a man of science.