Choices, Choices

Yesterday, during the Super Bowl, I watched the incredibly controversial, potentially civil-liberties-shaking Tim Tebow ad for Focus on the Family. This thirty-second spot, which had caused so much hand-wringing by the chattering classes on the left, committed the horrible sin of suggesting that people might visit the Focus on the Family website. Nobody complained that urged us to go to their website for a continuation of their sexist and tacky strip-show/bad-acting festival, but the very idea that people might take the message that Tim Tebow’s mom loves him and then peruse some message from FOTF has those critics shaking in their boots.

Just before the game, Penny and I hit the local grocery store. There, I saw the current cover of People magazine, where more hand-wringing is going on. As it turns out, the most fecund of Americans, the Duggers, are experiencing health problems with their nineteenth child. “How many children is too many?” the magazine asks.

Both of these stories put the lie to the falsehood of “choice.” The educated elite trumpet their notion of choice, yet they don’t extend that privilege to others. What they really mean is that we should all have the choice to hear the messages that they find appropriate. What they really mean is that women should have the right kill their children but not to choose to have an unlimited number of children.

I wish these types would be honest. Their message of choice is really one that says they know better. They know what Focus on the Family is really thinking and trying to accomplish. They know who should be allowed to procreate. They just know.