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Infinite Map: For Those Who Can’t Get Enough of David Foster Wallace

How many times has this happened to you? You find yourself reading David Foster Wallace’s magnum opus, Infinite Jest and suddenly can’t remember where the various members of the Incadenza family have lived or the relative position of the fictional Enfield Tennis Academy and the real-world Logan Airport?

If this has happened to you, then you need Infinite Atlas, a web project that overlays a host of facts regarding the novel on the Google Maps interface. As a visual and spatial thinker, I appreciate this effort and would love to see more such projects. It has probably been done with Ulysees already, but what about the life of Jesus or Moses? The Aeneid? Daisy Miller or The Innocents Abroad? Part of the beauty of this sort of approach lies in the zooming ability of Google Maps. I mention Daisy Miller since one can not only see the layout of Europe but the scope of Lake Geneva and the details of Rome in a proper scale.

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