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Sixty-Six Books on the London Stage

If you find yourself in London, you might want to check out Sixty-Six Books, a collection of shorter plays celebrating the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. Each play, as you might guess, draws inspiration from one of the Bible’s books.

The Twitter-like “Godblog,” meanwhile, which is being performed by the comedian and actress Catherine Tate in an off-white power suit, was largely driven by Ms. Winterson’s desire to engage theatergoers who have a range of attention spans and may be turned off by the God of Genesis, who is by turns loving and capricious.

“Genesis on Twitter, chapter by chapter, was a way of engaging nonbelievers with this riotous challenging text,” she said. “The Bible is problematic but never dull unless you are in church.”

Unless you are in church? Methinks Tate has found herself in the wrong churches.

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