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Isn’t Technology Wonderful

After creating over a hundred posts on a variety of topics, a funny thing happened. My password for A Noble Theme would not work. I tried resetting it, but that didn’t work. Some wise person–probably somebody who truly is wise–suggested that I should delve into the depths of the MySQL database to retrieve or reset or obliterate the password. Did I mention that my highest degree is in English rather than in computer science?

Although the innerds of the database were charming in the extreme, I had no luck doing anything positive with the password. Upon exiting the database, I discovered that the site would not connect to the database in any way now. All was lost.

Almost. I did manage to retrieve the texts of the posts via the database interface, so I will be re-posting those as time permits. But I have now re-installed WordPress and am getting back up to speed with posting. Having read Dante, Orwell, and two novels by Hawthorne over the past months, I have some pretty substantial matters to discuss here.

Just keep saying it to yourself: Technology makes our lives easier!

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