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What Not to Read: Ralph Nader

Forty-four years after publishing Unsafe at Any Speed, Ralph Nader has broken into the ranks of novelists with Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us. A review in The New Yorker tells me all I need to hear.

The book . . . is seven hundred and thirty-six pages long, and it contains dozens of characters, many of them real people—Warren Buffett, Barry Diller, and Ted Turner, among others—who act out Nader’s political fantasies. By the last page, most of the reforms that Nader has been arguing for all these years end up being enacted. Corporations are neutered. Third parties win. America is reborn.

All of this rather unnerving since it cuts a bit too close to my forthcoming first novel: Only the Super-Rich Can Give Me All Their Money and Help Me Lose Weight and Surround Me with Supermodels. I’m still working on the title, but you get the premise. Whose book belongs to the fantasy shelf more than mine? Probably Nader’s.

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