Tune My Heart Archives

Tune My Heart began as a place for daily devotions. Those devotions have ceased, except for an entry for each Sunday, but they are preserved here.

Old Testament

The Book of the Twelve

A long series, covering the twelve minor prophets, and representing the time from July 25, 2004 to March 16, 2005. There are 202 devotions here in all. Follow this link to see a more detailed breakdown of the twelve books.

New Testament

Mark: The Action Gospel

These sixty-three devotions, written between April 12 and June 19, 2004 represent the first full book covered on this site.

Galatians: The Cry of Freedom

Thirty-one devotions, written between June 20 and July 24, 2004, explore Paul’s manifesto on Christian liberty.

Ephesians: Can’t We All Just Get Along

Fifty devotions, written between March 18 and May 14, 2005, studying Paul’s admonitions for living together as Christians, within our churches and our families.

Philippians: Blessings and Burdens of Discipleship

Forty-nine devotions, written sporadically across the summer of 2005. These look at the benefits and obligations that derive from our relationship with Christ and with each other in Christ.

Tune My Heart devotions were primarily an aid to the devotional life of their author, Mark Browning, who holds the copyright for this material. It is provided online in hopes that some will find it edifying. All contents, unless otherwise noted, may be redistributed freely provided that you give credit for its origin and do not charge anything.

…and my lungs and limbs and all the rest of me.